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"My work has been described as 'some otherworldly mash-up of quilts and paintings and sculpture and something else altogether' - that 'something else' is what interests me, whether I’m working on paper, with felt, or foil."

Hudson Valley artist Ellen Jouret-Epstein works in several mediums, but with a consistent approach.  “I’m excited by depth, layering, contrast, movement and mystery.”  Her work is often an accretion of smaller elements that cohere into unique, mosaic-like compositions.  Each piece develops formally through the manipulation and interaction of materials – drawing, shaping, stiffening, burning, stitching – and a good deal of chance.

Her inspirations range from fashion to nature, and even outer space. "I’m also a landscape architect, and my work inevitably creates a form of landscape or topography.  I’m interested in the transition from one element to another, the common edges that, like topographic contours, are themselves a kind of drawing."  Ellen's current work combines collage with image transfers and mixed media drawing in ink, colored pencil, acrylic and graphite. 

Ellen first exhibited weavings in museums and galleries as part of the nascent fiber arts movement in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Following a career in the not-for-profit sector and landscape architecture, she now is making art full time. Ellen lives in Germantown, New York with her husband and thirteen sheep.





Collage and Drawing   |   Foil   |   Felt

“Material is a means of communication.”
Anni Albers



Ellen Jouret-Epstein is based in Germantown, New York, in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Studio visits may be arranged by appointment.

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